Hello from the Peanut Gallery!

If you’ve found me here through My Husband is Annoying, thanks for checking me out here!  If not, well thanks for checking me out at all!  I’m a new mom to a 6-month-old girl whom we affectionately call “Peanut”.  (We started calling her that in utero because we didn’t find out the sex of the baby and so we couldn’t use pronouns or pick names.  Also: we were convinced it was a boy, for some reason.  Absolutely convinced.  Imagine my surprise when they pulled her outta me and my husband turned to me and exclamined with wonder, “Peanut’s a girl!”)

So, anyway.  I have this other blog, which at one point got a bit of national attention.  It’s fun, I like it, I plan to continue it for as long as my husband provides me with material.  (The rest of his life, I imagine.)   And yet, there’s more to my life than my annoying husband.  And sometimes I feel like writing about it but I know the people who visit my other blog don’t really give a hoot about my ever-present mom guilt or the things I daydream about during my hourlong commute to work or the fact that some days I’m so tired, I can barely even see straight.  They just want to hear funny stories about my husband.  So I started this blog and this is where all my other random stuff will go.  But there’s a few things  you should be warned about right off the bat: (a) this blog will likely not be very funny.  [Some could argue that my other blog isn’t very funny either and you may be right.] and (2) this blog will likely be primarily about my life as a new mom so if you have no interest in parenthood stories, baby pictures or  tales of domesticity in general, this is probably not the blog for you.

And away we go…!


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