And We’re Off!

So Peanut has started crawling.  Big time.  She had her first tentative crawl two weeks ago, 1 day before her 6-month birthday and now she’s unstoppable.  And the whole time I cheered her on, I’m thinking, “I’m not ready for this!”  I mean, really.  Where did the last six months go?  You know how everybody tells you to enjoy it because it all goes by in a flash?  Well, they weren’t kidding.  Six months ago, my little Nut was barely able to open her eyes and now she’s cruising around faster than her old Mom can sometimes. 

When she discovered she could roll over, it was like a whole new world had opened up to her and boy, were we in trouble.  We used to be able to put her on the couch while we went to the bathroom or to the kitchen to get a drink.  We quickly learned that those days were over when we were both in the kitchen preparing dinner and Peanut was on the couch (a mere 3 feet away), chillaxing.  Or so we thought.  As soon as we heard the ‘thud‘ that came from my daughter falling off the couch, my heart stopped and I ran over to make sure she was ok.  After a bit of crying (hers and mine) and a lot of guilt and heartache (all mine), she was fine but that’s the moment that we realized life will never be the same.  Now she rolls over the second I try to put her on her back and she instantly starts crawling even when there’s no place for her to go. 

So, the babyproofing begins.  Ugh.  Somehow I thought we had all the time in the world.  I really don’t think I’m ready for this.

Here she is, right before she really mastered the whole crawling thing…


10 thoughts on “And We’re Off!

    • Amrita, we have 3 dogs (!) and 2 of them are always all over her! We have to keep telling them to stop licking the baby though she doesn’t seem to mind!

  1. Oh little bitties! Baby girls warm my heart, I have two, 9 & 5 years now, time flies, and I find I am still having to childproof some things…nail polish…

  2. I am SO excited that you started a new blog. I totally love your husband is annoying and all and reading your funniest thoughts were a part of my weekly reality checks, as I like to call them…but also having previously been a new mom- ahm….nearly 4 years ago….I have longed for you to write about ‘ms peanut’ and hear the funny comments about how all that goes down. Your humor is fun and enjoyable and,…being a mom does rock your world and totally change you and your priorities..but you are still in there and being a newer mom…I like hearing how others sort through it. There is no right way, but surviving with healthy happy kiddos is a win for all! I am too a working momma and I juggle lots. the whole, I work and guilt thing gets easier and easier the older they get but is hard to adjust to. I also think I would choose to work if I could be SAHM….and hate when people hate on me for it….there are values in it and values in it….kudos to you for putting it out there! We all have our giants that we are facing. I certainly choose mine over trying to butt into anyone else’s. Hang in there! and soak up all the moments….it flies by. just yesterday, my 40 pounder weighed on 5 pounds and was pure sweetness! Now she is a gymnastics going, busy little lady who knows ALL sorts of stuff and is always willing to share!

    No matter how much someone loves their daily caregiver….there is NO replacement for momma…a friend told me this when I was struggling the most and it was so true….my sweet one stayed at the same place and loves her cargivers…but at the end of EVERY day…..momma is QUEEN again!

  3. Mommy will always be her #1. There’s no substitution. To work whether you need to or want to, your decision will be one that works for your family. By the way, our house now looks like the alphabet rainbow threw up all over because my Little is toddling around as well and we have to walk through or over gates of every entrance into any room. It’s pretty comical. =) I love your little and I love your blog!

  4. I’m so excited to read your new blog. It’s always wonderful to find somebody going through the same things that I am. Even better, your peanut is hitting the mile stones a few month ahead of mine.

    As for baby proofing, my sister used the safety first magnetic locks “tot lok” they are awesome!

  5. I really like this new blog! Especially since my little girl is only a couple weeks younger than yours so I’m really relating to these posts so far. My darling isn’t crawling yet but I can see it about to happen and it’s terrifying.

  6. ahhh so cute!! just like I tell my 15 year old daughter, ” I spent the first 2 years of her life teaching her how to talk and walk, and I have spent the other 13 telling her to sit down and shut up lol”

  7. Post more pictures and videos of the Peanut! She looks great! Great new blog, by the way. I have this one, My Husband is Annoying, and standupdad bookmarked…haha. I’m a big fan!

  8. OH MY GOD — she looks just like her ANNOYING dad. Try not to hold it against her! And don’t ever, ever, buy her a GREEN SWEATER. I’m with you on the snot — and also the barf. I have trained my most annoying husband, that when my kids barf (as usual, in their beds, on their rugs, all over the bed linens), that I get to put them in the bathtub, and HE gets to clean up the disgusting mess everywhere else. Ahhhhh…..synergy…..he may be annoying, but at least he cleans up the puke! Hang in there — eventually all their bodily functions become private (too private for your taste even — trust me — this will happen) and you will no longer have to deal with them! Your daughter is the cutest thing EVER!

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