A Rant

Do you mind if I rant for a bit?  No?  Ok, good because I was going to anyway.

For the first 6 months of Peanut’s life, my husband worked from home and so he was able to take care of her while I worked.  Recently, he had to get a job outside of the home (I’ll probably do a lot more posts about this since it was a pretty big deal and one of the most stressful things I’ve ever been through) and we were scrambling for childcare.  And when I say scrambling, I mean he got offered the job on Friday afternoon and they wanted him to start on Monday morning.  So we had two days to figure out what to do and in that time I did more Googling on childcare than anybody ever should. 

Our first thought was a daycare center….and this is where my rant begins.  Every single daycare center we looked at closed at 6pm.  Now, I realize that there is still very much a mentality that we’re all ona 9-5 schedule but I gotta tell you, I don’t know a single person that leaves work at 5pm.  Not one.  I certainly don’t and neither does my husband.  In fact, in my business, I’m lucky to even be on a day shift.  And from what people have told me, these daycare centers are really strict about parents picking their kids up on time or else(What the ‘or else’ is, I have no idea but it sounds menacing enough to scare me off.)  In order to pick The Nut up by 6pm, I’d have to leave work no later than 5:30 and that just ain’t happening. 

What the heck?  How are parents supposed to do this?  I’d be interested to hear from you all…do you have a 9-5 schedule?  Am I just in the minority and my indignation is unjustified?  How do you deal with childcare?


10 thoughts on “A Rant

  1. i went through this as well, not once, but twice. first was daycare, i could leave work no later than 5:45 to get to the daycare by 6. luckily, i worked right down the road. then, when my oldest started school. suddenly i had to be all the way to my house before 6! and i did not work right down the street from my house. it was a challenge for sure but luckily i worked for some very family oriented people that never gave me a problem w/ my new schedule. mostly i made up for it by coming in earlier. where i used to come in 9/930 now i come in 8/830.

    the thing about daycare is, they open EARLY. i know some of those people are there at 6 or 7 am and they are still there when i pick up my kid anywhere between 5 and 6. so 6 oclock to them is SERIOUS b/c they want to get the heck out of there! it’s not cost effective for them to stay open any later than that to accommodate the handful of parents that need childcare after 6pm.

    good luck with your dilemma! i love both your blogs.

  2. I struggled over commenting on your post but I came to the conclusion that I should. So here goes: if at all feesible hire a nanny or in home sitter! As a former childcare center employee and a parent of the 2 greatest daughters (10 & 5), I strongly feel that most (that I’ve encountered) view your child as a number and usually with a $ in front. We made the sacrifice and choice for me to be a SAHM with our oldest but circumstances required I work outside of the home when our youngest was 1, so after quite a few tours and many suggestions from friends we choice an at home sitter (hers not ours) and our daughter did amazingly well. And for the price you pay to have your child join the number line you might ad well pay a little extra for the one on one care. Just my opinion! Love your blogs! And may God bless your family, Merry Christmas!

  3. Every time I think to myself “one day, I’d like to return to work”, I do a little search for reviews online and from friends for childcare and nannies. and I don’t know where to begin or what to look for. Did you end up with a nanny or taking the little one to a childcare center? I hear some horror stories too, and that scares me. But eventually, … I may wish to return to some form of adult life outside of home. If perhaps just part time.

  4. I completely understand where you are coming from. I work an 8a to 430p schedule and I work 30 mins from home. I get my daughter to daycare by 7a so I can get to work on time (I like to have 15 or so mins at my desk to get organized before the craziness starts). I get done in time to pick her up by 5p and get home to rush to eat and get her to her extra stuff (swimming, Awana’s, Girl Scouts…yes she’s 7 yo and has a busier life than I do). But I love my daycare center…they open at 6a to get the early parents and are open until 6p. That’s a long 12 hour day that most of the workers do 5 days a week. By the time I get my daughter at 5p there are only like 10 kids left. I love that she’s with a lot of kids, I love that she gets to be that social where she wouldn’t get that if she was at a home with a sitter. She’s so smart and learns so much from that place because they have such a structured learning plan, even with it being just before and afterschool care. I love our daycare center.

    I hope the arrangement you have works out well for you.

  5. The “or else” for us for the last 17 years (2 kids) has been a “fine” of $5 for every MINUTE that you’re late and having to endure the “WOW aren’t YOU a crappy Mom” looks that you get when you pick them up late.

    As for the 9-5 deal– it’s not indigenous to day cares only. You’ll find that schools, PTAs, school programs, after school sports also operate under the assumption and misguided notion that June Cleaver is waiting your child at home with milk and cookies (they “forget” that there are women who work 9-5 or other hours). I’ve long maintained that there’s a “conspiracy” of sorts between daycare and schools. Why else would schools re-open after a holiday break on a Wednesday (instead of a Monday)? In this circumstance, if your kid goes to daycare, most likely you’ll have to pay for a FULL week even though your child will have 2 full days of day care and 3 days of “after school care.” In my experience day care providers do NOT and will NOT “pro-rate” in this circumstance. After 17 years of dealing with this, I’m basically numb to it now but think it’s completely asinine.

  6. I am the administrator at a daycare, and like others have said, most are open early, at 6 am or before, and stay open until 6. And like others have said, it’s not cost effective to stay open later. Child care is already very expensive, but care givers are not paid much. There are some daycare that are open later, or do second shift care, but I have never seen one that I’d want to leave my cats with, let alone children. At a young age, under 3, an in home sitter might work best, and they tend to have lower children to adult ratios, but some are not licensed or inspected by the state or anything. At 3 and above, daycare can be very beneficial, especially one that works on academic skills as well as social. Good luck, child care can be hard to find. My best advice is go in with a list of questions, and go with your gut.

  7. We have a similar problem where we don’t always know our hours. Our solution was an in-home daycare where the care giver was much more flexible with hours. She just needs some notice. But you also take the chance that if she is sick – then daycare is closed. Best to have a backup plan (MIL in our case).

  8. the or else in my area is 5 dollars for every minute your late, and if your more than 20 minutes late they call the police to call childrens services.

  9. Honestly, I can relate. But in a different way.

    I am an Aunt of a 3 year old boy, and for the past THREE YEARS I have been his daycare. Now I am only 22! But I got “tricked” into being the daycare by my sister who I presumed wanted me to watch him for just a month after his birth. But my sisters work schedule happens to be 5 AM-3PM. No daycare is open around here till 6:30 AM, they do close at 6 PM here but the opening is the issue for us, not the closing. So I am awake every single weekday at 3:30 AM. Lack of sleep for the past 3 years? YES. I’d love a paying job.

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