Baby’s First Christmas

With Peanut’s first Christmas coming up soon, I’m struggling with trying to imbue the holiday with all the significance that a first Christmas should have while also remembering that she’s only 6 1/2 months old and really she couldn’t give a hoot about any of this.  But I’m attempting to remember from movies and TV and whatnot what all good families do…should we visit a mall Santa and get the requisite picture of our daughter screaming while we force her to sit on a stranger’s lap?  Do we buy her gifts that she’ll have no interest in when she’ll probably just end up shoving the wrapping paper in her mouth?  Do we drag her out into the frigid weather to pick out a Christmas tree that we’ll just end up being afraid will topple over onto her?

Unfortunately, I’ll probably end up overcompensating because I still feel guilty for failing at The Nut’s first Halloween.  We were too cheap to buy a costume that she’d only wear once so we had the bright idea to wrap her in toilet paper and call her a mummy.  Aren’t we clever?  Yeah,  not so much.  Have you ever tried to ahere toilet paper to a kicking, squirming baby?  It didn’t stick and she ate most of it.  In the end, she just looked like she was suffering from a concussion.  Oops.

I think we’ll go search for a Christmas tree this weekend; hopefully nobody gets frostbite and I can take pictures to share with you on Monday!  (But the mall Santa?  I have a feeling we’ll skip that one.  Does that make me a terrible, Scrooge-like mother?  Oh, bah humbug.)


5 thoughts on “Baby’s First Christmas

  1. My Gem is only 5 months. I got her some drool bibs and sent links to my family for hand made wooden toys and books. We might not use them now, but they’re a little more expensive and we can have them on hand to replace all the plastic noisemakers I requested no one purchase(but they will! lol) We’ve got clothes and diapers, so this is almost like a freebie holiday!

    I’m not sure how religious you are, but you can always get her first bible.

    As for traditions, we put up a wreath and hung the stockings. We can still take some cute pictures in front of the mantle, but I have so much less to clean up after the holidays.

    I sure whatever you do will be perfect, just don’t forget to have some egg nog(spiked is even better!) =)

  2. Baby’s first Christmas is something that you will remember and tell the peanut forever all about it. Have fun with it and don’t worry about perfect, perfect parents are very boring!!!

  3. We did the mall thing with santa and bought a pitiful 3 foot tree and it was still fun. I think just the fact that it is her first Christmas made it fun. I cant say she cares much for it so I wouldnt much worry 🙂

  4. Our little boy is just 5 weeks old. We put up the tree and decorated the house. I went out and overloaded on gifts of books and a Fisher-Price Love to Play Puppy he will care nothing about! We did the first ornament thing, but so did the rest of our family. Now he has 5 “first” ornaments and countless “first” Christmas bibs and outfits! I have no clue when or how he is supposed to wear them all. My job does photos with Santa every year but the baby hasn’t had all of his shots so we will skip Santa this year. The first Christmas is a biggie:)

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