O Christmas Tree…

After some procrastination, we went searching for a Christmas tree this weekend.  We were going to go on Saturday but then got really lazy and decided to put it off until Sunday.  Of course, we woke up on Sunday and it’s pouring rain.  It was forecasted to rain all day and we kicked ourselves for not doing it the day before.  (But that’s pretty much the story of our lives.)  Well, we got lucky and caught a little break in the rain so we headed out on our mission. 

And Peanut was…underwhelmed.  In fact, she looked like she’d rather be taking a nap even though she had just woken up from a nap.  After checking out a few places and rapidly leaving upon seeing the price stickers attached to the trees (seriously?  $100 for a Christmas tree?  Are these people on crack?), we finally settled on a place with a decent selection and pricing and there we found what we’ve dubbed ‘Our First Family Christmas Tree!’  I was excited, my husband seemed pretty happy about it and Peanut was still…underwhelmed. 


2 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree…

  1. haha… that’s the same look my Squirmy had upon seeing my hard work hanging ornaments and lights. she looked at it for all of 30 seconds and decided it wasn’t all that interesting. they don’t care about anything but bottles =(

  2. We usually always go for fake trees. as the kids and the dog and the cat seem to go nuts anytime we try and have a live one in the house, (after two ending up turned over while we were at work, that ended that) but my husband puts the fake (pre lighted thank the gods) tree up, then we give it over to the kids lol. lets just say sometimes our tree is ummm interesting to say the least, as they have gotten older the tree has gotten better.

    my daughters first xmas was when she was a little under a month old, and my parents went WILD buying stuff (first grandchild) and she slept through the entire thing, you cant beat the pictures from a first Christmas though!!!!

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