Maybe People Ran Out of Stamps?

About 2 weeks ago, we received our first holiday card.  We were excited: Yay!  The start of the season!  After thinking about where we’d want to display our cards, we decided on a ornamental post in our house.  Feeling optimistic, we hung that card all the way at the top of the post with plenty of room for the deluge of cards that were sure to pour in.  After all, we’ve got Peanut now and that pretty much solidifies us as a family.  And don’t all families get tons of holiday cards with photos of other families decked out in their Winter’s finest – red sweaters and santa caps and all?  Happy Holidays from our family (insert picture of parents, 2 smiling kids and a  dog in front of the fireplace) to yours! 

Well, 2 weeks later and we still have one lone card affixed all the way at the top of that post – the glaring empty space at the bottom taunting us every day.  I would take a picture to show you all but it’s just a little too pathetic.  There’s still time though so I’ll remain optimistic and guess that the cards will start flooding our mailbox any day now…



4 thoughts on “Maybe People Ran Out of Stamps?

  1. I am right there with ya, except I have two cards. One is from my grandmother who is 72 and the other is from my husbands Aunt. I plan on sending some out. They are still plastic wrapped sitting on my kitchen counter.

  2. My dh and I discussed this the other day, and the thing is: money is way too tight. With the economy the way it is, and gas prices rising, I cannot fathom spending close to $80 just on the stamps, to send everyone a piece of cardboard that will become trash in about a week.

    Just my thought!

  3. Maybe everyone is like me this year – running a little behind. This is on my “absolutely has to be done this weekend” list. Or maybe everyone is waiting to hear from you first so they have your new address handy!

  4. Well, I’ve got my Christmas cards spread out in front of me right now, if that makes you feel any better. 🙂
    I’m behind in everything this year…
    And Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

    (There, print this and put it under the other card you’ve got!)

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