I Win!

All the books say that babies usually start babbling in a certain kind of order.  When they begin with the consonants, it’s generally ba then da then later, ma.  So I’ve been told to expect Peanut to say ‘dada’ before ‘mama’ just because developmentally, that’s what usually happens. 

But props to The Nut because this morning, she very clearly said, “Mama”!  Which means that in the contest that is parenthood, I win!  Yes, I realize that at this age, she doesn’t associate the word with me; she’s just trying out sounds and whatnot…blah, blah, blah.  I don’t care.  In my mind, she knows and that’s all that matters. 

Sorry, husband. You're very cute together but you still lost.


3 thoughts on “I Win!

  1. Yay, congrats! My 6 month old baby girl said MAMA first too! And I feel very excited about that. She followed it up with dada the next day, but I still win 🙂

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