Drool is My Kryptonite

You know how everyone says that when you have your own baby, all of a sudden things you thought were gross before aren’t anymore?  I was always skeptical because, as my husband will attest to, I am completely disgusted by bodily excretions.  For the most part, however, it’s turned out to be true.  I actually don’t mind Peanut’s poop-filled diapers, although I could do without the foul smell.  When she peed on me the time I was transporting her naked from the nursery to the bathtub, I was surprised to find that it didn’t bother me at all.  I eagerly stick my nail in her ear to retrieve the wax and I’ve frequently put my finger up her nose to get the crusty snot out.  All in all, not bad for a squeamish person like me. 

But there’s one thing I’ve found that I just can’t handle and that’s drool.  What is it about drool that gets me every time?  I spend most of my time wiping her face because I can’t stand to look at the line of drool making its way from her mouth to her chest.  When my husband holds her up above his face like she’s flying and then her drool ends up in his mouth, I just about lose my lunch.  And lately, The Nut has taken to “kissing” me by putting her wet, open mouth on mine and keeping it there for a few seconds, letting the saliva really soak into my face.  This is simultaneously adorable and horrifying.  I know she came from my very own body and I love every inch of her more than I ever thought I could love anything but for some reason, I just can’t stomach the drool.  Add to that the dog and cat hairs that inevitably end up sticking to her face because of the drool…ugh.  Please tell me it’s not just me?  Anybody out there grossed out by things that mothers are supposed to be completely immune to? 

Anyway…here’s a cute picture of Peanut trying to get the cat.  The few times she’s been successful, she tries to eat his tail and drools all over his head.  It’s pretty funny.  If you look at the picture closely enough, you can see the wet spot where she tried to eat the cat.  Poor cat.


2 thoughts on “Drool is My Kryptonite

  1. Hahaha another funny post! I’m with you on the drool thing: I hate it too, especially when my baby plays with a stuffed animal beforehand and then I see little pieces of fuzz all around her mouth, stuck to the drool. Pretty gross.

    But the biggest thing that grosses me out is feeding my baby solids. I know that as a mom I’m supposed to have infinite amounts of patience, but this endeavour just drives me nuts: she puts her hands into the spoon, shoves the food away and spills it all over her high chair, gets it all over her face and then puts her hands back into the spoon and in her hair, wipes her mouth with the sleeve of her onesie, the list goes on and on. Logically, I KNOW babies are messy, I KNOW she’s just learning and this is her way of exploring the world, but it drives me nuts!

  2. Mine was spit up. Could NOT stand to be anywhere around spit up, still cant. my nephew became allergic to milk when he was about a month old, and did exorcist spit up, across the room to the wall, all that was missing was the head spin. That pretty much did it for me, and when they swappped him to soy milk the smell of spit up soy milk. *shudders* my kids paid the price for that, they would spit up, and have to go to someone else REALLY fast. lol.

    THAT and I know they are my kids but growing up i taught BOTH of them from a really early age the signs of throwing up. yanno the feelings you get right before. so they could make it to the bathroom, i cant hardly stand myself to throw up, when the kids get sick, ill be loving mommma, but someone ELSE has to go in the bathroom with them. lol

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