Good Morning!

Here’s the beauty of having a kid: when Peanut wakes up — even when I’m sleep deprived because it’s some ridiculous hour like 5am, even when I’m crankier than Oscar the Grouch, even when it seems like nothing else is going right — and I walk into the nursery and see this, how can life get any better?


3 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. Our little guy is about the same age as your peanut and I totally get it. How can you not smile back when they smile, or do something utterly cute (even if it is bad, or frustrating).

  2. My baby girl is almost 7 months old and I feel the same way…her smile just makes all the troubles worthwhile. Oh, and we have the same nursery decor as you! Nojo Jungle Babies…she loves it already 🙂

  3. She is too adorable! I love all of her semi-gender-neutral decorations because you guys were convinced she was a boy! But honestly, she could be a Gerber baby model.

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