More Firsts…Peanut’s First Cold. Ugh.

Yup, we’ve been hit with the cold that seems to be going around.  And we consider ourselves pretty lucky that Peanut made it to almost 9 months without getting anything stronger than a little bit of a stuffy nose.  But now, she’s got her first major cold and it sucks.  Big time. 

I never realized how hard it would be when you can’t teach a kid how to blow her nose.  Or explain to her that even though a cold can be miserable, it’ll pass and she’ll feel better soon.  When she looks at me – her nose simultaneously runny and stuffy, with red eyes and a general “woe-is-me” face – I just feel completely helpless.  What kind of a mother am I that I can’t even make my baby feel better?  Why can’t I help her?  Add to that the fact that we just moved from Connecticut to Brooklyn and our pediatrician is still in Connecticut so we can’t even just take a quick trip to the doc to make sure she doesn’t have the dreaded ear infection every parent has warned me about (btw, what exactly are the symptoms of an ear infection?) and the fact that I work so I can’t stay home with her to hold her and assure her that all is still right with the world and I just feel awful.  I kind of think that her being sick is harder on me than it is on her. 

Anybody have any tried-and-true cold remedies?  In exchange for any of your tips, I’ll give you the only one I’ve got so far: get a Nosefrida.  You suck the snot out of your baby’s nose but you never actually make contact with the snot.  Sounds totally gross -and it sort of is- but it’s totally effective and the best way I’ve found to help her congestion.


5 thoughts on “More Firsts…Peanut’s First Cold. Ugh.

  1. If she’s coughing, rub baby vapo-rub (vicks) on the bottom of her feet and then put socks on her. Actually even if she isn’t coughing. My 10 & 5 year old girl both ask for it at the slightest sniffle.

  2. When my kids had ear infections (and my daughter had them like every three months) they would pull or rub their ears a lot. My son would get crabby and withdrawn, and he was usually hyper/bubbly. I’d look out for ear pulling.

  3. Saline drops and a bulb syringe are great for getting the gunk out of her nose. So is a cool mist humidifier. We have two that stays in each of the boys rooms. When they get stuffy we turn them on. For the baby (21 months old) we also put a little pillow under the mattress in the crib to try to elevate the head a little bit. I’m sure that’s probably a big no-no, but it seems to help him. Lots of snuggling!

    Ear infections were trickier for my kids. So far, the baby has not had an ear infection that we know of (knock-knock on wood). My oldest son, 5 1/2, had two. With the first one, he rubbed his ear constantly and had a fever and no other symptoms. The second time he screamed most of the day and went to the ER because, of course, it was the weekend and there was no way he was making it to Monday. However, Jake (the oldest) pulled and/or rubbed his ears when he was sleepy so it was not always easy to tell if his ear actually hurt.

    Hope Peanut feels better soon! It probably won’t make you feel any better but at least you’ll be forewarned, they can average about six colds a year when they’re little. It didn’t make dealing with the colds any easier for me to know that but at least I was slightly reassured that I didn’t need to put Jake in a bubble!

  4. All of the above tips are great….here are some other things that I have found helpful..

    My kids never had the ear-pulling fever symptoms for an ear infection. In fact only the youngest has ever had an ear infection and we found out about it because she wouldn’t sleep. When they have ear infections the pressure makes it uncomfortable to lay down so they don’t sleep and cry.

    Also if she seems really congested try sitting in the bathroom with the shower running hot. The steam in the bathroom will help loosen the phlegm.

    Good luck! Hang in there!

  5. If you are concerned that she might have an ear infection, you can take her to a Minute Clinic or Urgent Care in your neighborhood. They have the instrument to take a look to see if there is an infection. This will ease your mind if you are worried about this and cannot make the long drive to your pediatrician. Feel better little Peanut!

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