To Party or Not To Party…

Peanut turned 10 months old this week!  Now the question is: do we start to plan a big First Birthday party that she’ll have absolutely no memory of or no?  What do you guys think?


6 thoughts on “To Party or Not To Party…

  1. I say go for it. She probably won’t remember it later (although you never know!) but she’ll have a great time during. Plus it’s a great way to get some pictures you can show the boyfriend in 15 years. “Aww, look at her all coated in cake!” 8D

  2. The thing is that it’s not just her first birthday. It’s also the day you became her mother and started this journey together. I find on my children’s birthday I always feel that we are not just celebrating their birth, but also my role in day – and it wasn’t a small supporting role. So go ahead and have a party – it doesn’t need to be elaborate. Take lots of pictures. Although she may not have her own memories of the day, she will remember seeing these pictures often. They will create for her the “the 1st birthday” memories. Enjoy the day. It’s another of the very important “firsts”.

  3. Definitely go for it. Invite a few friends, have some cake and ice cream, give her some gifts to open, make her laugh, let her make you laugh, take pics and have a great time.

    There’s no time like now to celebrate all the good things in life and she’s one of the best things in your life.

  4. Ok, you guys have convinced me that we need a party! And Roseann, you’re completely right that it’s the day that I became a mom. I hadn’t actually thought about it that way but that really means a lot to me. So while we probably won’t have a big shindig with clowns, bouncy castles or cotton candy machines, we’ll at least get family together and celebrate. Thanks for your input!

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