I Don’t Make My Baby’s Food…

…And I feel Guilty.

(Alternative title: “Sometimes Reading Mom Blogs Makes Me Feel Bad About Myself Part 1”)

I never really gave much thought to baby food, to be honest.  But then once I got pregnant, I started reading a lot of mom blogs and one thing I noticed is that most of these moms made their kid’s food themselves.  In fact, they made it sound so easy that I thought for sure I’d be doing it too.  Now, fast-forward 10 months and what does my baby get?  Food from a jar or a pouch.  Sure, it’s organic (is that just another word for expensive?) but it’s still not homemade. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            And I continue to read more mom blogs in which the moms steam, puree and do whatever else to their baby’s food themselves.  And I continue to feel bad about my parenting skills.  The thing is, my husband and I rarely ever cook for ourselves and even though we want to do right by Peanut, we’re finding it harder than we expected to cook for her.  I’m not sure why this is but I do know that I feel seriously guilty about it.  We make sure that she doesn’t get food that has sugar in it or any processed junk but we both know that it would still be better for her to be getting fresh food made just for her.  (Wouldn’t it?  Does anybody have evidence otherwise?  If so, I’d love to know, if only to ease my guilt.)

Over the weekend, we realized that we’re only weeks away from cutting out breastmilk and formula; I don’t think we really knew that formula is only intended for the first year and with my plan of only nursing/pumping until Peanut’s first birthday, that will now leave us with only solid food for her whole source of nutrition.  And we’re totally freaked out.  There’s something a little bit comforting with knowing that if we happen to miss a meal or just don’t feel like going through the whole messy saga of a feeding, we can just give her an extra bottle and she’ll be ok.  But soon we won’t be able to do that and now we’re feeling extra bad about feeding her from jars and pouches.

Anybody have any easy recipes so we can ease our way into making food?  Any words of advice or motivation would help too!


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Make My Baby’s Food…

  1. Ha I’m so there with you. Had ever intention of making my daughter’s baby food but pouches it is. I’m actually finding that giving her real food is a lot easier. This week I started giving her 3 real meals a day… one of those being baby food until I use up our stash. I made healthy pancakes this weekend and just froze them so into the toaster oven they go in the mornings. Frozen veggies that I throw in the microwave and then pull apart for her, meatballs, tofu, mac and cheese (made a healthy version and also froze), frozen fruit, eggs, canned beans, lunch meat… basic stuff basically. She is really happy feeding herself in her high chair and I get more free time to do stuff.

  2. I guess it’s easier to say when you’re onto your 2nd child. Seriously – Happy Parent’s = happy baby! She won’t be malnourished, you’re making sure she gets what she needs! My 2nd one wouldn’t eat (GORD) but he’s fine now. Oh and I’m a naughty mother and I still give my 23 month old a bottle of toddler formula at night. He can still be a bit on and off with food so what the hell – I *know* he will drink a bottle. Find something that works for you, and go with it. I know other mothers are judgmental but just find that middle finger and let it fly.

  3. Yeah, I was going to go the route of making my first son’s baby food because it was sooo much better than the jars….until I read a jar of Gerber’s peas. It contains peas and water. So, how much better could mine be? I would be using peas and water. Don’t feel guilty. Do what works best for you guys. I didn’t make any food for my kids other than plain chicken breasts that I shredded with a fork for them to eat and they are perfectly healthy kids. Store bought is easier. Once she starts eating real people food (what you both eat) it will be much easier and, at the same time, harder. Start early with giving her whatever you are eating. It will makes things easier. 🙂

  4. I’m with all the other moms. It gets easier and she’ll never really starve. I make whatever I’m going to eat and give her some of it – pasta, rice, grilled chicken, breaded fish, etc) – she still gets the pouch and food jars if I’m craving something she can’t eat (spicy foods) and toddler formula between some meals. Fresh, dried or frozen fruits for snacks as well as yogurt, cheese, crackers, corn, yogurt bites and baby puffs. Ever try the baby pouch veg and fruit snacks? I eat them all the time. They’re delicious! =)

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