Checking In

Wow, how do some people do it? I used to find time to blog while I was at work but lately that just seems impossible. And as for finding free time while at home? Not happening. Lately, Peanut has been super clingy and won’t let me leave her side for even a second. Hopefully this is just a phase?

Anyway…we had her 1-year checkup last weekend (a few weeks late because we had to wait to get a weekend appointment – we really do need to find a doctor closer to us…). One of my biggest concerns has always been her weight. She’s a little Nut and while I know this is probably just her body type (long and lean, just like my husband –  lucky kid!), I can’t help but worry that I’m not doing my job as a mother or something. I also can’t help comparing her to other kids so when I read other mom’s updates on how their kid is 6 months old and weighs 20 pounds, I always feel slightly inadequate. Like, am I starving my daughter or something? So anyway, I was hoping that she would be at least 20 pounds at her 1-year appointment. When she weighed in at 19 lbs 2 ounces, I felt guilty. 19 pounds, 2 ounces at almost 13 months? *sigh* The doctor said she looks great and she’s completely on track for where she’s always been so there’s nothing to worry about. But there’s always something to worry about!

Such as: we’ve now weaned her off breastmilk (actually, she weaned herself which made me much sadder than I thought even though I was happy to get to the one-year mark that was always my goal) and formula so now it’s all whole milk and regular food. Oh, I find this scary! Especially when she takes all the food I try to give her and throws it on the floor. It seems like none of it actually gets into her mouth and just when I think I’ve finally managed to get something in her mouth, she spits it out. So now, of course, I’m freaking out even more about starving her. It seems like lately I’m obsessed with her food. Is she eating enough? Is she eating the right kind of food? Is it bad that she’s drinking more milk than the doctor recommended or are calories good no matter how she gets them? Is it bad that we don’t eat together as a family (we don’t usually get home until it’s almost her bedtime so I use that time to give her a bath and read her some books)? Are we setting her up for all kinds of bad habits later? Too many questions and way too many worries.

Somebody needs to smack me soon; I’m becoming one of those mothers.


4 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Ha! I do the same “worrying!” My son is the same way – at 11 months, I seriously doubt he weighs 18 lbs. I figured out some things about his eating, like he enjoys eating the foods we eat. If I try and feed him something other than what’s on our plate, he refuses it. Also, I just learn to give in if he’s just not into eating when it’s “mealtime.” But other times, he’s plenty ravenous so I give in and feed him to his heart’s desire. We also try to make eating a fun thing – like lots of faces and noises and clapping. Maybe you already know /or tried these things, but just sharing what’s worked for me. Good luck with your ‘nut and I’m sure it’ll work out for both of you!

  2. Even though it seems most of it is on the floor, just remember her little stomach is only the size of her fist, she might not be that hungry. Keep little healthy snacks around for her to graze during the day and keep trying to give her different things. My daughter got stuck in this chicken phase and wouldn’t eat anything but chicken. And remember every kid is different and grows different and if there was anything to be concerned about the doctor would tell you. From the pictures you show (and you should show more, she’s adorable) she looks completely on track and healthy. Congrats to making it a year, you have survived this long so you must be doing some thing right. I didn’t get to experience breastfeeding due to a situation I had, always felt like I was missing out and she was missing out.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, just relax a little and enjoy watching her change. It really does go by so fast. I can’t believe she’s 1 already.

  3. If you’re setting your ‘nut up for bad habits, I am so totally failing my bean too. She’s good in the weight department, but dammit, sometimes, all I have the energy after working on a computer all night as far as snacks go is to hand over a handful of cheerios instead of fruit and steamed vegetables and whatever else all the good perfect mommies seem to have on demand. I’m just fricking tired and can’t wait for her to nap so I can get my remaining 2 glorious hours on top of the 3 I slept the previous night for a whopping total of MAYBE 5 hours. Yeah, I think you’re fine. =) Also, congrats on the breastfeeding thing. God knows how hard it is. I didn’t make it very long and always wondered if perhaps I didn’t try hard enough. Kudos, mama!

  4. You sound EXACTLY like me! My 13 month old weighed in at barely 18.5 lbs at her 1 year appointment. She’s been hitting all her milestones way ahead of time (walking at 9 months, talking, coordination) so we’re not worried for her development, but every time she eats half of what we give her and throws the other half on the floor, I feel like I’m failing her as a mother. Welcome to motherhood, where the guilt never ends!

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