So I’ve decided to stop complaining about my weight and instead am trying to do something about it. Seeing as how there are still only 24 hours in a day, I haven’t miraculously found time to exercise (yet!) so I’ve had to do what I’ve been dreading for a while: change my diet.

I’ve decided to do a cleanse of sorts; for 2 weeks, I won’t allow any sugar or white flour to pass through my lips. After that, I’ll gradually add them back in but in small doses. I’m on day 2 right now and I can tell you that this may have been the worst idea I’ve ever had. What was I thinking???

Here is my confession: I am a sugar addict. Like, must have it after every meal and also in-between meals. Like, I honestly think I got a withdrawal headache yesterday. On day one. I need chocolate like some people need caffeine or cigarettes. And in addition to my sugar addiction, I think I probably have some kind of a white flour problem too. My meals always have to have a starch with them. Potatoes, rice or pasta accompany pretty much every protein I have. And vegetables? Well, I could take ’em or leave ’em but I usually leave ’em. 

So, anyway, I’m not happy. In fact, I’m miserable. But I’m hoping this will be the kick in my butt that I need to start being healthier. Either that or I’m going to lose my mind and hurt somebody soon.

On a happier note, here’s a picture of Peanut on the 4th of July. She also had a fun headband with little flag things sticking up off it but she refused to wear it. Oh, well.


3 thoughts on “Withdrawals

  1. Oh, I will pray for you!!!! I have to have a coke every morning. It’s like my coffee. I think my husband would move heaven and earth to make sure I get it, too. I have an 8 pack of small bottles ready to take on vacation in August. Good luck with your diet change. We started trying to eat healthier when we had our oldest. I kind of felt hypocritical eating whatever I wanted and telling them to eat healthy. So, I save my junk food for when they are napping and/or down for the night. I also try to eat vegetables and fruit in front of them. sigh. Being responsible sucks some times! And, because I’ve never met a starch that wasn’t my best friend, I try to buy whole grain pasta and brown rice. We’ll still do potatoes, just not as often. Good luck!!!!

  2. I was in the same boat you are. I have an 11 month old and I started my weightloss the same way you are. I did 2 weeks of no sugar, white flour, or syrups(high fructose corn syrup). It was hard but it helped me get away from eating like a new mommy and back to how I used to. I also started to run too. I only have time to run 2-3 miles 1-2 times a week, but that little bit helps and it makes me feel better. As a new mom you can only do so much! Good luck, you can do it!

  3. For no sugar and flour….the headaches and cravings tend to only last a few days, so pick the start days based on when it isn’t horrible to be uncomfortable (work probably isn’t the best place to have headaches), and you can switch out the sugar for say a splenda based item (diabetic candy w/ splenda).

    For the flour, try chickpeas to get a little starch the first couple days…but not too many b/c it defeats the overall purpose. But this way you ease out of the flour/starchy foods.

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