Waiting for Walking

Peanut was a fairly early crawler (she started the day before she turned 6 months) and also pretty early with pulling herself up and standing. Because of this, we were convinced that she would be an early walker. My husband was sure that she’d be walking by her 11 month birthday. Well, 11 months came and went. Her first birthday came and went. Even 13 months came and went. Peanut will be 14 months old next week and is seriously showing absolutely no signs of walking. At all.

Our little nut cruises around the couch, the coffee table, chairs, anything she can prop herself up on. She clearly has no problems with her legs, nor does she have any balance issues. She can stand there, without holding on to anything, for minutes on end without a wobble. She just doesn’t seem to have any interest. We have a couple of those push walkers and sometimes she’ll use one of them for a few steps before she gets bored and speed crawls off to something else.

Everybody tells us that we should be glad she isn’t walking yet, that life gets so much harder when they start walking. But honestly, I’m really looking forward to it. For one thing, she crawls so well that it’s not as if I can ever leave her alone for a second anyway. And it would also be nice to be able to take her to the playground or my in-laws patio (or anyplace where I can’t put her on the ground to crawl) and have her just walk around a bit. Plus, I think she would really enjoy it once she realizes it’s way easier than crawling. So, we went from thinking we would have an early walker to now being concerned that we have a kid that may never walk at all. If she has her way, she’ll just continue to crawl everywhere or, even better, have Mommy carry her all the time.

Parents, how old were your kids when they started walking? And any tips for us to get her to actually want to walk?


5 thoughts on “Waiting for Walking

  1. My daughter (who’s now 8) had hip dysplasia, so she was a late walker at 13 months because she didn’t get the chance to try the normal baby things because of the brace she was in for most of her first year. My son, who just turned 13 months, who has NO excuse not to walk…JUST started last week. He just had no desire to walk and still will drop to his knees and crawl if the distance is “too far” by his standards. We encouraged him by walking with him, holding both hands, then eventually only one. We also would sit a few feet apart and encouraged him to try to walk between us, letting him hold onto our hands as long as he felt comfortable, until one day he just let go and did it himself! Good luck and don’t worry, it’ll happen when she’s good and ready! 🙂

  2. My daughter is 13 months old and started walking at 9 months. We can’t tell you how thrilled we were that she was developing so early, and how fast that thrill turned into sheer horror when we realized that, by 10 months of age, she was so comfortable walking that she started running, climbing, and getting into EVERYTHING.

    An early walker is not as great as it sounds, because mentally they are not able to understand the word “no” at that young age. Now, we are EXHAUSTED after an hour with her, because in the span of that hour she will climb the glass coffee table, climb on the bookshelf, pull out drawers and use them as a stepladder to climb onto the computer table and/or dresser, push her little scooter up to the piano bench, climb onto it, and then proceed to climb ONTO the piano, and when we try to catch her she’ll run away from us and laugh…tired yet? Your little peanut will walk soon, the only thing I can think of to try to encourage her is holding her hand and walking with her…that should get her interested and excited about walking. And when she does, you will wistfully look back on simpler times when you didn’t have to run after her every 2 seconds. Sigh.

    • Michelle, everybody tells me the same thing: be glad she’s not walking yet because when she does start, I’ll be wishing things were as easy as they are now! It’s probably true but for some reason I can’t help but eagerly anticipate when she can get around on her own – mainly because I think she is really going to love it once she realizes that she can do it. Believe me, I’m not looking for her to be any more independent than she already is (I have to chase her down just to hug her!) but when she stands there at the playground (literally, just stands there for what seems like hours on end) watching the other kids who are the same age as she is walking or running around, I guess I just want her to be able to join in on the fun.

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