Peanut’s Birthday Present

Seeing as how Peanut just turned 16 months old, I’m a little late in writing about her first birthday present but that’s pretty much the story of my life right now anyway.

When we were thinking about what to get our daughter for her birthday, we knew that our families would probably buy her tons of toys and new clothes so we didn’t really want to go crazy in that department. We also knew that her birthday was a bigger deal to us than to her and whatever we got her she probably wouldn’t have any recollection of later on anyway. So I suppose we could’ve just gotten her a couple of new books and a fun toy or two and called it a day. But of course, I couldn’t do that because I like to make myself crazy. (Crazier?) I was determined to find something that was special, something that would have meaning and something that she could have for a long time. After much internet browsing [side note: am I the only person on earth not completely enamored by etsy? everybody seems to rave about it but I find it overwhelming and confusing], I somehow stumbled upon Stinkerpants Designs. Not only was I immediately charmed by all her designs but Sara, the artist, also had a baby daughter a couple months younger than mine. I emailed Sara and heard back from her right away; she was so nice and accomodating and incredibly easy to work with. I told her that I wanted a picture of Peanut surrounded by our menagerie of pets and stuff she loves. She asked if we wanted a background and we came up with one of my favorite places, the Brooklyn Bridge. I emailed her some pictures of The Nut, the animals and some of her favorite things and after some email exchanges and a few weeks, she sent me a picture of the completed design for approval.

Wanna see the finished product?

I couldn’t love it more! Not only did she make a beautiful piece of art but she somehow made the personalities of our dogs come through in the drawing. We were so excited to get this and be able to give Peanut something that she can have forever and won’t outgrow in a season.

But it’s not just the actual drawing that I’m so happy with; customer service is a big deal to me and working with Sara restored my faith in it a little bit. There was a slight miscommunication (mostly on my part) of when exactly we would need the drawing by and because we were going to have her mount it, it wouldn’t be ready from the printer in time. So Sara sent us an art print at her expense that we could have framed and give to Peanut at her birthday party. This actually worked out great because we ended up doing a mat around the print that everybody at her party could sign which we hung above her crib. Then when we got the mounted piece we hung that in the living room. I love the idea of our Nut having this memento from her first year of life and sometimes when I imagine her hanging this in her first adult home, I get a little emotional. She also loves to look at it and when we point out the dogs and the cat, she smiles and laughs.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not being compensated in anyway by Stinkerpants but I was just so delighted by the experience of working with her that I wanted to write about it. Check out her website, she’s also got a great blog so if nothing else, you can look at pictures of her seriously adorable daughter.


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