As some of you might know, I’ve been lamenting my lack of fitness for quite a while now. 19 months in and I still haven’t lost the “baby” weight. (Yeah, I know that I can’t legitimately call it baby weight almost 2 years after giving birth but give me a break.) And my great idea to cut out sugar and white flour for 2 weeks? Well, that lasted a day. So, when a former colleague of mine, Toni, who hosts a TV show here in NYC and had her second baby a few months ago, put out a call on Facebook asking if anybody was interested in participating in a 12 week bootcamp, you can bet I responded with a resounding, “ME!!”

Toni selected a group of 5 moms and as soon as she got the ok from her doctor to start exercising again, we started meeting 3 times a week with Ray, owner of a new gym in Manhattan for training sessions. She also signed each of us up for Weight Watchers and got us 12 sessions with a personal trainer at New York Sports Club.

We’re now 8 weeks in and holy hell, it’s been hard. (If you’re interested, you can follow our progress on Toni’s website) First of all, I pretty much suck at Weight Watchers. Have any of you tried it? Everybody else I’ve spoken to who has, loves it. So what am I doing wrong? I exceed my allotted points every single day…in fact, most days I’ve run out of points by lunchtime. Ugh. I’ve tried to be better but the dieting has definitely been the hardest part.

The other thing that’s really tough is finding the time for the workouts. When we meet with Ray during the week, it’s at 7am which means I have to get up at 5:30 in the morning. I am not a morning person and I firmly believe that if Peanut is awake yet, then I shouldn’t be awake. Getting enough sleep is hard enough as it is. It’s been an effort and I can’t say that I’ve been perfect, or even close to it, but at least it’s been the kick in the butt that I needed.

A torture/bootcamp session in the park

The other moms are ridiculously motivated and put me to shame. Me, the one who has run 5 marathons. Yup, they’re leaving me in the dust. It’s sometimes disheartening, sometimes humiliating and sometimes inspirational. (Often it’s all of those things at once.) They’ve all lost a bunch of weight, gone down a few sizes and dropped a crapton of body fat. I haven’t had as much success though I have lost some weight. I was down almost 10 pounds but then when I weighed myself on Monday, I had gained almost 2 back. Ugh. The holidays and being sick has really messed with everything. This week alone, I haven’t been able to workout at all because I’ve been sick, my husband has been sick and worst of all, Peanut has been sick. No matter what, the kid always comes first and you can be damn sure that when she’s sick, I’m gonna be there for her.

Anyway, I’ll be doing more updates as we go and you can check out Toni’s weekly updatesto see how her and the other moms are doing. Anybody else trying to lose the “baby” weight? Or have already? Help motivate me…I want to hear your success stories!



One thought on “Bootcamp

  1. Hang in there with the Weight Watchers! It took me quite awhile to get the hang of it, but once I did, it worked like a charm. (At first, I also used to consume all of my points before noon, so annoying!) After awhile it becomes second nature. I gained 80lb with my twins, and lost it all (and then some) within about 9 months of catching on. Look online and you’ll find some examples of meal plans. Or just eat the complete opposite of your husband. 🙂

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