Rough Week

It’s been a tough week around the Peanut household. Last week we took our dog, Sheba, to the vet. She had been acting a little strange and seemed unsteady on her feet for a couple of days and we thought we should just get her checked out. Last year, she had a UTI and we figured it was probably a recurrence of that. After a quick checkup, we left her there so they could do bloodwork and they told us they would call us when it was time to go pick her up again, most likely in about an hour or so. An hour-and-a-half later, our vet called us and said something we completely weren’t expecting: Sheba is in advanced kidney failure and might have to be euthanized. Needless to say, we were shocked and extremely upset. We decided to keep her in the hospital so she could get fluids and see if maybe she could regain some kidney function back. When we got the call the next day, we were happy to hear that she made some progress and so we kept her there for 2  more days to hopefully keep it going. We went from thinking we were going to have to euthanize her to having some hope that she might recover some and we would be able to take her home. It was an emotional roller coaster, for sure. Well, we brought Sheba home yesterday and though she’s still in kidney failure and will probably never regain the majority of her kidney function, at least she’s home. They’re not sure how much longer she’ll be able to live and the vet has guessed that it probably won’t be longer than a year and may not make it past 6 more months. I’ll take what I can get.

I adopted Sheba almost 5 years ago; she had been clearly abused and possibly neglected but I could tell just by looking at her that she was a sweet, gentle soul who just needed somebody to love her. I have said that I think Sheba is my doggie soulmate – we both tend to have our guard up a little bit but when we trust somebody, we fully become ourselves. I have loved her from the minute I laid eyes on her. She still seems to have some emotional trauma and yelps a little when her neck is touched even though we’re not hurting her. She’s reserved around people she doesn’t know and hates loud noises. I know she had a hard life before she came into my home but I just hope I was able to make the last 5 years happier. She’s now 10 years old and showing her age but I know she’s still a puppy at heart.

One thing that I found particularly upsetting though this whole process was the fact that I constantly had to think about money. How long could we afford to hospitalize her? What if we spent thousands to treat her only to have her not recover anyway? I hated that money had to even be a consideration in her treatment. Obviously, if it were my child then I would do whatever it took to get her better but how far can we go for our dog? Is this what people who don’t have health insurance have to go through? This whole experience made me especially grateful for the fact that I have very good health insurance and angry on behalf of the people that don’t. Nobody should ever have to consider withholding treatment for themselves or their loved ones because they can’t afford it. In the end, we decided that we had to spend the money to help Sheba get better. Now we just hope and pray that she is happy to be home and healthy enough to be comfortable.

As if that wasn’t stressful enough, today is Peanut’s first day at daycare. I was a bundle of nerves last night and this morning but managed to hold myself together. Until we got there, that is. We brought her inside and stayed with her for about half-an-hour just to make sure she was ok. She looked a little confused and slightly intrigued but definitely not upset, which was a good thing. The teachers were so nice, making sure to give her extra attention and putting our minds at ease. Still, when she sat down at the table to have some oatmeal, I started to tear up and I’m not even sure why. All of a sudden, it just seemed like she was growing up way too fast. When we finally managed to tear ourselves away and walked out the door, I burst into tears. Where did my baby go? How is this happening so quickly? If today was any indication then when we have to drop her off at college, I may need to be hospitalized. Luckily, they could pretty much sense how anxious and emotional we are and have been sending us updates and pictures throughout the day. I definitely think we made the right choice with this daycare. So, I’m a mess but Peanut seems to be having a good time. Here’s a picture they sent us of her painting. Man, I love this kid.




3 thoughts on “Rough Week

  1. She is absolutely beautiful! Poor Mommy! It’s a hard thing to leave them with others. You both did so well. I think it’s a sign of how secure she is with you both and that you both love her that she made such a good adjustment. Way to go!

    So sorry about Sheba. She is a beautiful dog and I love that you gave her a much better home than what she had. Hopefully you will have many more months to spend with her.

  2. Your little girl is so adorable – she will love daycare! I agree with Melissa, you did well letting her go despite how emotional it can be. She will learn so much there, and it will get easier for you. Soon your home will be overflowing with all of her arts & crafts…

    Poor Sheba, and poor you. That’s so hard, no matter what decision you make. I hope the rest of her time at home is happy and comfortable. It may not be applicable for Sheba now, but is pet health insurance an option where you live (if you have other pets?) I used to secretly laugh at the idea, until I was in a similar situation. After reading your story, I think we might just go ahead with it.

    Best of luck!

  3. My son started daycare last month and I felt exactly the same way. Where did my little baby go? It’s happening so fast.

    He’s adjusted very well and we’re getting used to the new schedule. The only thing that’s been a bummer is that he has gotten sick a couple of times and has given it to me and my husband.

    I’m sorry about Sheba. I had to face a similar situation with my cat a few years ago and worried about the cost of the care. In the end I made sure she was comfortable. I think she knew how much I loved her.

    I got pet insurance for my new adoptees so I wouldn’t have to worry about paying for future treatments.

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