Oy. Life with a toddler is hard. I’m sure many of you, especially those of you with more than one kid, are rolling your eyes at me and telling me to suck it up and stop being so dramatic. Yeah, you’re probably right and if we ever have another baby, I’ll be thinking to myself, “what the hell was I complaining about back then? That was easy.” But here’s what I know right now: this is frickin’ hard. I suppose it’s not really that parenthood is so hard (though it is) but that life, with all its responsibilities and crises is hard.

Anyway, having said that, here’s how it’s going in the Peanut household:

*So far, daycare is going great! Peanut seems to really love it and we are so, so happy with it. The teachers are great, the place is great and the other kids are great. Really, we couldn’t be happier with our decision to send her to that daycare. We really feel like she’s thriving there and her language skills have really expanded so much since she started. Last week while we dropped her off, we expressed concern that our Nut might be constipated and not even 2 hours later, we got this email from them: “She ate a bowl of homemade applesauce & one of cereal and milk, and then she POOPED! So don’t worry, it’s out. Very formed, a little hard & dark, but she pooped. Yay!” How can  you not love a place that will not only keep us informed like that but also show that level of enthusiasm for the fact that my kid pooped? Seriously awesome.

*On the downside, Peanut’s sleeping has been horrible lately. We don’t generally talk about this, but we were always really lucky with her sleeping. (We don’t talk about it mainly because we were always terrified of jinxing it but now that it’s all gone to crap, there’s not much to jinx.) She actually started sleeping through the night at about 6 weeks and other than some pretty unpleasant bouts of sleep regression, sleep has never really been a huge issue. But for the last month, she has been waking up once or even twice during the night. It’s usually around 4am and then she won’t go back to sleep for an hour or more. What is up with that? And even worse, while the Nut used to sleep until about 8am or so, she now gets up around 6:30-7am every morning. I know, I know…most parents think that’s actually pretty good, right? Well, I guess we got spoiled because damn, that’s early for us. We now go through the day like the walking dead, completely sleep deprived and cranky. I think we’re actually more sleep deprived now than when she was a newborn. So why all the sleep changes? I can’t blame it on daycare because it actually started about a week or so before she started daycare. I originally thought it was a late 18-month sleep regression but it’s gone on for a while and the Nut is now 21 months so that’s not it. Anybody have any ideas? And any suggestions on how to get her to sleep just a little later in the morning?

*We just took Peanut in for her 21 month well-visit checkup and I’m happy to say that everything looks great! She’s still a little nut at just over 22 pounds but that’s always been her body type so she’s right on track. The pediatrician said she’s developmentally advanced and of course, we took great pride in that although I’m sure we had absolutely nothing to do with it.

*And for the last Peanut update…wow, my kid has gotten bossy! She’s a demanding, bossy, opinionated person. She tells me exactly where I can sit, when I’m not allowed to sing and when she doesn’t want me near her. She is most definitely not afraid to speak her mind. But she’s also incredibly funny, goofy, smart, thoughtful, generous and loving. She exhausts me and delights me every single day.

*Our dog Sheba is doing better after coming home from the vet with advanced kidney failure. The vet said she’s probably only got another few months but truthfully, I don’t think she’s right. We’re seeing so many signs of the old Sheba, the one who runs and begs for food and acts like her old normal self, that I think she’s doing better than expected. Am I in denial? Maybe. But I really believe that our Sheba is a fighter and is going to amaze everybody with her recovery. The bad news is that we took our cat, Blue, in last week and he was also diagnosed with advanced kidney failure. When it rains, it pours huh? We didn’t even bother asking about a long-term prognosis for Blue because we just figured we’d do everything we can do -just like we’re doing for Sheba – and hope for/expect the best.

Whew. That’s a lot of info and that doesn’t even cover half of what’s going on in our lives! I wonder if it’ll ever slow down enough for us to just enjoy the moment. How do we do that?


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. I love a blog post that starts with “Oy” – you know it’s going to be good! 🙂

    First of all, I have 4 kids, and I am absolutely NOT rolling my eyes. My first was without a doubt the hardest. It’s a huge adjustment, and everything is new….I’m definitely busier with 4, but mentally it is way easier now.

    I’m so glad to hear daycare is going well! Hooray for detailed poop emails! As for the lack of sleep, that sucks. Is she still in a crib? My twins started the same thing around the same age – so I switched them to toddler beds. It took a few nights to adjust, but it was great after that. They would play quietly in their room when they woke up (anywhere between 4:00 and 6:00) until it was time for me to get up. I don’t know if that works for all kids – maybe it’s easier with twins because they entertain each other…

    Your Peanut really is a peanut! 22lb!!! So cute. My oldest kids were about the same size as yours, but my 6 month old is 20lb already. I’m a little afraid of her.

  2. I always love reading your blog posts because I can relate to so much of what you’re going through, and it helps me feel like I’m not alone in my struggles.
    I have an almost-21-month old baby girl, and I always feel guilty for ever being exasperated/annoyed/tired of her, because at the end of the day she is an absolutely amazing little girl who brings my husband and I joy like we’d never experienced before. But I guess that’s just part of being a parent, especially a working mom who never feels like you have enough hours in the day to do it all.
    I recently read a really great article about being a mom of one, here’s the link (for all your copious amounts of free time 🙂 )

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