Dear Peanut,

I can’t believe that you are turning 2 today. It feels like just yesterday that your Dad and I checked into the hospital to get induced because you were a week overdue and I had little to no fluid left. We checked in on the morning of the 21st and thought for sure you would be entering the world that day. Weren’t we surprised to learn that you had absolutely no interest in coming out! So 34 hours of labor later, you had to be cut out. You were stubborn even back then.

I look at you now and I can barely see a resemblance between the baby that was born that day and the little girl with the enormous personality that you are today. Peanut, you have an amazing sense of humor. You laugh at the silliest things and never fail to make me laugh even on the toughest days. Your smile will probably melt some hearts down the line. See, you don’t just smile with your  mouth, you smile with your whole face. Actually, I think you smile with your whole heart and it is joyous to be a part of.

The last year has brought a lot of changes. You started daycare and love it! Your teachers tell us all the time how silly and smart you are. Also, you love to sing, dance and paint. You’re very deliberate, though; while the other kids are slapping smearing paint anywhere on the paper, you like to make sure it’s all placed just right. Your favorite color is yellow though you insist on wearing your purple tutu every day. (Maybe we should look for a yellow tutu?)

I remember when you turned one, I was so worried because you weren’t walking or even showing any interest in it at all. (You should probably know that your Mom worries about everything. You’ll probably tell me to just chill out quite a bit when you get older but it’ll be pointless. I’m always going to worry about you so deal with it.) You started walking when you were 15  months old and haven’t looked back since. You’ll no longer tolerate your stroller or being held anymore. When we go anywhere, it takes FOREVER because you have to walk and you have to stop every 3 steps to investigate something. It’s frustrating but I love it so much. I love to see the curiosity you exhibit, the way you can spot a miniscule ant on the sidewalk from feet away, your love of flowers and birds and clouds and people. Oh, people! You could people watch for hours. Seriously, you get so distracted when people pass by because you just want to stand there and watch them. You are really, really observant.

You are currently obsessed with Dora the Explorer, ice cream trucks, cheese, the above-mentioned tutu and your pink blanket that I fear you may still be sleeping with when you’re in college. You currently hate taking baths, having your hair combed, brushing your teeth, being told what to do and not getting lollipops/cookies/ice cream/cake when you want it. You’ve started to express yourself really well though I have to admit that I don’t love it when you tell me, “Go away, Mommy!” which you’re starting to do with alarming frequency. The thing you say most though is, “No, me!” because you must do EVERYTHING by yourself. You are determined to put on your pants by yourself and eat your food by yourself and press all the buttons by yourself. You are one stubborn, stubborn kid.

We lost 2 pets in the past 2 months alone which was really hard for your Dad and I but you took it all in stride. You’re probably still too young to comprehend what’s happened and I think I’m grateful for that. Though you seem to be more affected by losing our dog, Sheba, last week than you were by losing our cat, Blue, which surprised us. You used to ask for Blue first thing in the morning and always wanted to know where the cat was so we expected the worst. You asked about him once and then never again. But since we lost Sheba last week, you keep looking under the coffee table, where she used to hang out, expecting to see her. You look confused whenever you don’t see her. And you have repeatedly asked, “Beeba?” which just about breaks my heart. I hope we’re teaching you how to love animals but also to be grateful for the time we have with those we love. I hope we’re not scarring you forever, which is what I worry about. (Remember the whole worrying thing? Yeah, I wasn’t exaggerating.)

The thing is, I could ramble on forever about all of your characteristics and personality traits. I know you like I’ve never known anybody before – I look in your eyes and just feel like we’re meant to be together. We’ve got a big adventure coming up: next week we’re moving to Florida and, of course, I’m worried about how you’ll do with the transition. But honestly, I think you’ll do great. In fact, I think you’ll do a whole lot better than I will – you’re a great, adaptable kid. I can’t wait to see what amazing things you do in the next year! (But please, feel free to skip that whole ‘terrible twos’ thing, ok?)

I love you, Peanut. More than you could ever know. You’ve enriched my life in ways I never dreamed possible…you truly are my heart.

Love forever and ever and ever,



4 thoughts on “Two!

  1. You are an inspiring mom, and that’s probably why we’ve got such a fantastic, silly, goofy, brainiac, curious, determined, chatterbox, loving daughter.

    I love you both.

  2. Such a sweet letter. My daughter will be 2 on June 18th and I can relate to so much of what you wrote! This is such an amazingly wonderful time in our children’s lives, where the world is filled with such curious and interesting things and Mommy and Daddy are superheroes in their eyes. In so many ways, I will come to miss this incredible time in my daughter’s life. Good luck with your big move and happy birthday to your baby girl.

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