Life in Florida Through the Eyes of a 2-Year-Old

After months of my computer locking up every time I would type one word and then weeks of only getting a flashing question mark when I tried to turn the computer on (this probably goes without saying, but getting a flashing question mark is a very bad sign…the only question the question mark is asking is, “how much are you willing to pay to replace your computer?”), I finally had to get a new hard drive and just got my computer back. Yay! [Also? Losing everything you’ve ever saved on your computer for the last 5 years? Not fun. All the pictures of my daughter being born, celebrating holidays, spending time with family…gone. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER, people. This concludes my PSA of the day.]

So, anyway. I’ll return to this blog not with a long, ranty post of my depression, sadness and lostness I still feel. Not to worry, I’ll get to all that soon. Thank you to everybody who read, commented on and gave me support after my last post. It truly meant so much to me and really did help me. This will just be a post in pictures – all pictures I luckily still had saved on my phone…sorry about the quality of them but I’m still basically using a first generation iPhone – of Peanut and her new life in Florida. I gotta say that for all my angst here, she seems to love it. And I guess that has to count for something, right?

Checking out the Florida lizards

Watching her Daddy on TV for the first time

Her new favorite…strawberry frozen yogurt

Man, the supermarket aisles and shopping carts are big once you get out of NYC! (Also, we really miss my mom. Mom, could you please come visit again soon?)

Feeding the ducks

At the pool


Getting ready for the olympics

Sleeping with our new kitten

At the playground

Trying some rock climbing

Ready for a night out on the town


4 thoughts on “Life in Florida Through the Eyes of a 2-Year-Old

  1. This post makes me smile. I hate the fact that I’ve pulled you so far from your home and both of our families, but wow, do I love seeing our little girl grow and explore and learn about lizards. She also seems to have a natural interest in swimming, and I love that she can hit the pool almost every day, storms permitting.

    Your writing is a gift to me and to other parents, and I hope you’ll put that new hard drive through its paces. Keep writing, sweetheart!



  2. Wonderful… yep, does count for a lot. Always thought “Kid” belonged in front of the camera… nice your little cutie can visit with her dad via airwaves now. Stay strong… and just a warning… when we decided to move to Texas – where I had never imagined ever even visiting, and not know anyone… it came to a huge surprise just how much we loved it. Still miss it everyday

    The world through a two year old’s eyes… Beautiful!

    • Um…5?!? I don’t think I can do that but I’ll try…

      1) No state income tax
      2) Almost every intersection has a left turn arrow (sounds dumb but to a nervous driver like me, it really helps)
      3) The lakes are very nice

      That’s all I’ve got right now but I’ll keep thinking about it.

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